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Four helpful programs

First and foremost, one of the most important things you can have on your PC is virus protection software.  With new viruses coming out every day, you will need this protection to keep your PC virus free.  We have found a free anti-virus program that will help keep your PC free of viruses.  Avast offers a free virus protection program at AVAST  "AVG Anti-virus" also has a free verion and is available for download from AVG .  Avast's virus protection is a smaller download than AVG's program.  Both of these programs are offered free for Home use.  You can feel confident that your machine will stay clean and run properly with either of these virus protections programs.  These downloads are big and may take TOO long to do on a dialup connection.  It is best to have a friend with broadband Internet download the installation file and put it on a CD for you.  You can then run the installation program from the CD.

Secondly,what better than to clear your PC's hard drive of the nasty spyware and adware with none other than by using a program called "Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition".  Ad-Aware SE Personal is a free anti-spyware program that scans your hard drive very thoroughly and looks for spyware programs and adware.  The latest version, "Ad-Aware SE" is available by download from here.  Another good spyware/adware remover is Spybot Search&Destroy. It can be downloaded from here.

Seeing a lot of misleading pop ups offering you free software and super getaways to the Bahamas?  You should ignore these because they lead to spyware and adware that track your internet behavior.  Clicking on these ads will only trigger more and more pop ups to appear.  To keep pop ups off your machine, you should download "popup killer".   We have found it to be one of the best freeware programs to eliminate pop ups from getting on your machine.   You can download it from their website , or get it off of our server by clicking **here**.

Finally, some of you may be noticing that your Internet Explorer homepage has changed to a different web site than the one you selected.  You also may not be able to change your homepage selection to the website that you want.   This usually indicates that your PC has been infected with a virus or hijacked with some form of spyware or adware.  To keep your PC's Internet Explorer home page from being changed, we have discovered software that monitors your homepage setting and the moment it detects a change in it, it will automatically reset it back to your default homepage.  The program is called "Npust Homepage Guard" and we have found it very useful.  You may download it from their website.  It is also available at PCWorld PCWorld Download.

Again here are the links to these four very helpful programs.

Pop up Killer

Npust Homepage Guard

Ad-aware 6.0

AVG Anti-virus

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