Surf the web faster with our 618WebAccelerator. It is available for both Windows or Mac computers.  This program is written by SlipStream and is used by over 2200 ISP.  Most Internet Service Providers charge $5 per month for this program.  You get it FREE with your 618Connect Dialup Internet Account.  Detailed Installation instructions and trouble shooting guides for Windows computers is found HERE.  Mac OS X Installation instructions HERE

Quick Installation Instructions
Please read ALL the instructions before actually downloading the software.

Download the installation file to your computer by clicking on:

 Windows Installation   OR      Mac OSX Installer   
You can choose to "Save" the program to your computer desktop OR even easier is to "RUN" or "OPEN" the file.  Follow the on screen installation instructions.  The only 618Connect specific instruction is that when the program wants a Username and Password, enter your 618Connect Dialup Username as an email address @618connect.com.  (All small letter and no spaces)
Windows Computers

Mac Computers

That  is all there is to it.  Give it a try.....

Happy Surfing
Tech Support 618Connect